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Biblical Studies
We offer classes and seminars in biblical studies, concentrating in different books of the Bible,
Bible characters and the history of redemption from Genesis to Revelation.



The goal of these courses is to explore the ways in which the different books of the Bible may be interpreted and analyzed as conduits of a richer portrait of Jesus and as witnesses to the faith of the Christian church which confesses Jesus as Lord, the fulfillment of all Jewish Messianic hopes.

Proposed Outcomes

  • To analyze texts found in the Scriptures using historical and literary methods.
  • To explore the history, culture, society and religion of ancient cultures portrayed in the Jewish Scriptures as well as in the early Palestinian Jewish society as the background of Jesus’ life. To distinguish the values of these communities in contrast to modern Western values through insights of cultural anthropology.
  • To identify how the Biblical writers, through their accounts, proclaim that Jesus is the fulfillment of all Jewish Messianic prophecies, types and eschatological hopes using hermeneutical tools through which the diversity of teaching in the New and Old Testaments may be understood.
  • To determine how our faith in the inspiration and authority of Scripture as divine revelation is consistent with historical and literary exegetical methods of interpretation.

We offer some of our training classes through on-demand videos and TV.

To watch videos on-demand,  please go to the "Watch Jesus 101 videos" section
of our home page.

To watch training classes on TV, you may stream these classes on the following websites:
www.hopetv.org "JESUS 101"
www.llbn.tv "CROSSTALK"
www.esperanzatv.org "CANTICO NUEVO" (Spanish)
www.3ABNlatino.org "JESUS ES TODO" (Spanish)

You may also find short training sessions in youTube by searching for JESUS 101.

We offer several training DVDs and booklets. Please go to the RESOURCES section of our website.

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