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The Basics

What are we doing?
The Jesus101 Biblical Institute offers instruction and training in Biblical Studies

Who should attend?
We offer training in various and diverse locations and for different audiences:
          a) Church members and seekers
          b) Clergy
          c) Ministerial students

Where does the training take place?
Local Churches: This type of training is done primarily with weekend seminars and workshops designed for church members.
Conferences and Unions: This form of training occurs during various meetings, convocations or camp meetings sponsored by local conferences or unions. Separate classes are available for church members and clergy.
Academic Institutions: Intensive classes are offered to enhance the curriculum of ministerial students throughout the world.

How do you schedule training classes and seminars?
Contact us with your request and possible dates for the training. You may email your request or contact us by phone at 805-955-7684. We will then contact you with our availability information. Your institution pays for the trainer’s travel expenses (travel/lodging/food) and makes a donation (to be arranged) to the Biblical Institute so that we may continue to offer this ministry. The training classes are offered anywhere in the United States and Canada, as well as internationally -- wherever we are invited to teach.

The Jesus101 Biblical Institute offices are located at the Adventist Media Center in Riverside, California. You may contact the Institute directly at:

Jesus101 Biblical Institute
P. O. Box 10008
San Bernardino, CA 92423


Or by email through the "Contact us" section of our website.

Additional Information:

The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute is a media ministry of the North American Division of the SDA church.

To watch live streaming of the Jesus 101 BI TV programs, please go to:
www.hopetv.org "JESUS 101"
www.llbn.tv "CROSSTALK"
www.esperanzatv.org "CANTICO NUEVO" (Spanish)
www.3ABNlatino.org "JESUS ES TODO" (Spanish)



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